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CIT International Conference  Detroit MI   Aug 12-17, 2023

Detroit Marriot Renaissance Center

Tom Bender and Dan Marguccio Presenting on EMDR

CIT Class graduation April 28, 2023  Congratulations

CIT 2022.jpg

CIT Crew at CIT International Conference
In Pittsburgh, PA  August 28-30, 2022

CIT 2022 Class.jpg

CIT Class of 2022  Congratulations

CIT Class 2021.jpg

CIT Class of 2021 Congratulations

Csp award.jpg

Thank You Community Support Program (CSP) Through the  Peer Empowerment Network  for the  donation of $1015 to support sending Law Enforcement to the CIT Training 2021.


CIT Check.jpg
CIT Inter.jfif
CIT Crew.jfif

CIT International Conference held in Phoenix, AZ  Aug 23-25, 2021
CIT Team Members, Left to right,
Beth Gaul, Dan Marguccio, Tom Bender, Jason Riligio, Jim Redmond

DJ Speaking.jfif

Laurel Highlands CIT Presenter at the Conference, Darin "DJ" Roles:   Suicide Survivor , The DJ Roles Story.
 After Years of anxiety, depression and self medicating,  DJ is recovering from a self-inflicted gun shot wound and speaks about his journey what lead up to and his recovery since. His powerful Presentation has a standing ovation from the room.

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