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We are a Member of CIT International Organization



A CIT, or Crisis Intervention Team is an innovative program of police-based crisis intervention involving community health care and advocacy partnerships based on a nationally recognized model developed by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department.

Under this model, police officers receive extensive training provided by community mental health professionals, family and consumer advocates and experts in related fields in responding to citizens experiencing a behavioral crisis.The emphasis is on mental health knowledge, crisis resolution skills and access to community services.

After implementation of this program, communities have reported significant reductions in police officer and mental health consumer injuries as well as decreased numbers of arrests and increased health care referrals. Also reported, have been dramatic reductions in the need for intensive police interventions such as SERT/SWAT because the C.I.T. trained officers are able to arrive and effectively de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

C.I.T. helps to enable citizens, police, county crisis teams, the mental health care system, and the criminal justice system to work together effectively and promote more appropriate responses to individuals who have mental illness that become justice-involved.

The Laurel Highlands Region CIT Program proudly serves Cambria, Somerset and Bedford Counties in South Western Pennsylvania. 

Current Events and News!

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Aprill 2024 CIT Class

Congratulations to the April 2024 CIT Class for an outstanding week of training. The Members of the CIT Thank You for attending. It is always a pleasure to meet everyone.

If you are interested in having someone from the CIT Team speak to your organization about how CIT impacts your community, click on our Contact US link.

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